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Product name:Ruby
  • Tea: green tea leaves
  • Ingredients: globe amaranth
  • Average weight: 7.5-8g/piece
  • Quantity in 1kg: 120-125 pieces
  • Usage of blooming teas:
  • Blooming teaball
    • Heat-proof glass tea cup or teapot with high percentage of transparency, height of 8-10cm, diameter of 6-8cm
  • Brewing methods:
    • Glass tea cup or tea pot  should be better about 9.5cm in height, over 6.5cm in diameter
    • Add 1/3 boiling water into the glass and put the teaball in the water
    • Wait around 20 seconds to let the dry tea get wet, then add the rest 2/3 boiling water(pls don't pour water straightly to the teaball to avoid tealeaf flushing apart)
    • About 3 minutes later, the flower inside will bloom from tea bud
    • Now you can drink it
  • Storage:
    • Store in dry and cool conditions,away from any source of heat or humidity pour hot boiled water and drink it (maximum 5 times), then it can be left for one day and one night for viewing
    • Second day, pour out the water and pour cool water along wall of teapot slowly to avoid strong water damaging the shape of flower but it is not drinkable anymore
  • Notice: any tea that is left for one day is not drinkable anymore
  • Expiration date: 24 months

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